I’m Terry - I’ll always do the right thing, give when I can, and shake things up to keep it interesting

I’m a girls’ girl – I crush big, I never order from the menu - I always make my own menu entry, nothing makes me sparkle more than a new handbag on my arm and a glass of champagne in my hand. I love big and I celebrate all things good. Fashion/lifestyle inspires me and photography is my Segway. I truly believe laughing out loud is the next best thing to spaghetti (one of my favorite foods). I’m an Aquarius and it is 100% true that we are creative, optimistic, innovative and peaceful.

My biggest accomplishments is being a mom of 3 grown boys, Blake, Bryce & Brant and being married for almost 30 years to my adorable husband Rick. Love is all the things…
The only girl in our home is Bentlee Bleu – 3 year old golden doodle who loves photography too and is often my assistant in my studio.

My favorite things -  

You know those finds that you just don’t think of but are so useful? These leather purse hooks for your car are just this… something you do not think of but when you have them you are like ahhhhhhhhhhh. Buy Now
My favorite wine bag.Easy to care for and looks great! I get so many compliments on this. Buy Now
I consider myself a champagne connoisseur (at least to my girlfriends - lol).  This is one of my favorites that will not break the bank.  The taste is not too sweet and taste lovely. Buy Now
2" wide plate flat iron for quicker, easier styling. The straightener styles long, curly or thick hair in half the time. Includes heat-resistant bag. Buy Now

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